Handmade Cornish Ice Cream

We began making ice cream after reading the ingredient list of the ice cream we were supplying. So many unrecognised ingredients, additives, flavourings, colouring.  We soon found that these items and techniques are used to give maximum financial gain for the least investment. 

So we decided to take it back to the start, Ice cream is a science don’t be fooled into thinking its just a few things whipped up. After a steep learning curve and heavy investment in Italian Gelato machinery we were ready to go. We have one driving mantra, to create great tasting ice cream, that is natural and free from artificial ingredients. Whilst making a conscious effort to use Organic and locally sourced ingredients where possible.

The result of our hardwork is an ice cream that’s dense, luxurious and pure. 

Fresh Fruit Ice Lollies

Just like our ice cream our ice lolly production follows the same ethos. Simply natural ingredients, Organic Raw Cane Sugar and natural fruit and flavouring.

Tested heavily on our own small children, we know both kids and parents will love our lollies. Created in small batches we currently only produce 40 lollies a day. Some flavours we have been working on including a Fresh Strawberry, Mango & Lime and Nojito (alcohol free) Mojito flavour.

Dairy Free Ice Cream

This is where it all began, during our first season at the beach we kept getting asked for dairy free ice cream. We listened and set about making the perfect dairy free recipe. Unlike dairy ice cream this was a new ice cream science which had varied results. Using the same approach as our dairy ice cream, we use Organic Fairtrade Coconut Cream and Organic Raw Cane sugar as our base.

All ingredients are natural with no artificial flavouring or colourants. The result of our hardwork is an ice cream that’s dense, luxurious and pure. With a texture as close as possible to its dairy counterpart. We will be developing some exciting things in this area in the future.