We have decided to make our own Artisan Ice Cream

2016 was a year packed full of learning, success and just a couple mechanical issues with old Cecil. Winter has drawn in and Cecil has gone into his warm dry cosy home for some well earned rest. I will be treating him with a deep clean and I’m sure he can’t wait for me to get my hands into every deep crevice. As well as rest, winter also gives chance to develop ideas and think about where Cecil goes next. There are a multitude of ideas buzzing around my head but there is a strong need to focus. I have decided to go back and look at the raw ingredients of Cecil, quite literally!.

This is why we have made the decision to begin hand making our own ice cream. So why would we go to the trouble to spend time hand-making ice cream. Well, although we have been totally happy with our supplier over the previous year, we feel we can offer something totally unique and fitting in with the Cecil On Ice ethos. We began researching ice cream production pretty early on in our business. However, through all the other aspects that go into starting a business it took a back seat. With renewed vigour we decided to take the plunge and joined up with Breakthrough business start up advice.

Watch this space!



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