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Cornish Ice Cream

We are proud to offer the truly delicious Moomaid Of Zennor Cornish Ice Cream as our ice cream supplier. Moomaid uses fresh milk for their Friesian dairy herd and combines with either Roddas Cornish Clotted Cream or Double Cream (which the farms milk goes into making). They then make luxury Cornish ice cream in their purpose built ice cream parlour on Tremedda Farm, West Cornwall. The produce over 30 sumptuous flavours, ranging from traditional favourites such as:

Moomaid of Zennor Ice Cream
Cecil On Ice Negroni


Cocktails We only create the finest cocktails at Cecil On Ice. We relish the challange of building a menu that is completely bespoke to our clients taste. We will always try and use local and seasonal Cornish ingridients when appropriate. Being a Ice Cream Van we have a extensive selection of chilled and frozen cocktails up our sleeve. Take a look at a few of our sample drinks below, and remember you are in charge. You tell us what you like and we will create the menu.

The Blackcurrant Jaque

Tarquin’s Cornish Dry Gin, Cornish Pastis, a tart blackcurrent Sorbet, mixed with zesty lime citrus served on the rocks

Cornish Iced Cream Tea Cocktail by Cecil On Ice

Cornish Iced Cream Tea

Tarquin’s Cornish Dry Gin blended with rich clotted ice cream, floral Tregothnan Earl Grey syrup and freshly picked Cornish strawberries. Poured lavishingly over crushed ice

Coconut Daiquiri by Cecil On Ice

Coconut Daiquiri

Revolver Cornish Rum, coconut milk sorbet and fresh lime juice, served over ice...apparently this one is good for the soul.

Ice Cream Cocktails

We offer a totally bespoke menu creation for your wedding. However, if you would like a little inspiration then take a gander at our totally delicious in house designed ice cream cocktail menu below.

Cecil On Ice Ice Cream Cocktail Menu